Greg Savides


Educator and Motivator

  • Graduated in South Africa where worked in private practice with elite and professional cricket, rugby and hockey.

  • Moved to the UK in 2003.

  • Work in Private practice in the City of London as well as manage my own Physiotherapy clinic and consulting business, managing ergonomic and on-site Physio services as well as delivering workshops and presentations.

  • Am a husband and a dad and currently still call myself a triathlete. Have completed Comrades Ultra marathon, and Ironman triathlon and still training smart to lower my PBs while having fun training and racing.

Why  The Video Physio?

Over the course of my 25 year career I came to realise that not all sessions needed to end up on the couch with me doing something to my client (passive treatment). I started seeing better results with more talking, listening and exploration of my client's story​ rather than the expectation of getting on the treatment couch. 


Physio has evolved since I trained and we should be more focused on the whole person rather than just the injury. Unfortunately I still see and hear many stories of on-going passive treatments, which may at the time have felt good and worthwhile, but in the end made no significant difference. People, both physios and clients, are often looking for quick-fix (makes us look like heroes) but ultimately this does not solve the issue. By working via video the expectation of passive treatment is removed and we can progress with active, function and goal driven activities with much more focus on the whole of you.

This does not means that face to face, hands on therapy is of no use, I just feel that I can now make a difference without having to do the passive work all the time. There is a time and a place for it, and sometimes my clients just feel like they need it which is why I still make time to see clients in clinic and at their homes.


Obviously with current Covid-19 situation, face to face has not been possible and this is where video has shone and the results have been demonstrated to be very effective. With some injuries it is not possible to complete an appropriate examination and I would then either refer on to suitable orthopaedic consultant or arrange to meet with my client. 

The Video Physio is also cost and time effective, allowing for flexibility of appointments, reduces need for travel, and can be done from anywhere.

What I do

My 2 key areas of interest: 

  • Back pain (especially office related and persistent long term back pain)

  • Sports related injury with focus on running & triathlon related injuries.

When people ask me what I do as a Physio, I am:


As a Physio my key role is as an educator to help facilitate a person's recovery, to encourage self-efficacy and hopefully have educated them well enough that we don't see them return with the same injury (unfortunately we are all human...).

It is vital that we consider all elements of the client's life and its effect on injury and recovery.

Rehab Coach

Guiding clients through their recovery with the strength and conditioning work required for the return to their previous activities. Identifying issues which may predispose to future injury and creating rehab plans and providing strategies to overcome these issues.

Sometimes we deal with injuries that may not ultimately be cured and here I work with my clients to create a strategy and a plan to manage life, flare ups, and moving forward.

I don't fix anything - I assist and facilitate your recovery process.


My other major role is as a motivator. Fear, anxiety, previous experience, external influence are all factors which can limit our recovery. Assisting, guiding, collaborating together as a team to move past these blocks to recovery.


Through my running and ergonomic workshops I can both educate and motivate to promote a change in behaviour. In clinic I can affect 1 person at a time but out in the field I can have impact on many individuals simultaneously as well as organisations to create a positive change.

"Fitter, stronger and wiser is our armoury against the stresses of life. Smile, love what you do, be happy - and you can never get enough sleep!"