Video Physio



With social distancing prolonged, increased work from home and worries about public transport, having access to physio has been difficult.

Video Physio has allowed us to stay connected to our clients while still offering quality rehab.

The Video Physio benefits

  • Ease of use

  • Cost effective

  • Time efficient

  • Flexible to suite your needs

  • Avoid travel

Video/ telehealth sessions have been shown to be very effective throughout the physio and medical community.

I make use of various tools such as Zoom, FaceTime and WhatsApp to facilitate consultations.

Physio practice has undergone great changes over the past decade with much more emphasis on active patient centred recovery programs rather than passive hands on treatment.

Education, motivation and functional active rehab is fast becoming the new norm.

Video physio compliments this pathway perfectly as it reduces the expectation of hands on passive treatment and moves more towards listening to our clients story, engaging collaboratively, setting goals and creating functional rehab programs.


Video Consultation

Self funded

£60 per session ( 30 mins)



CIGNA, AVIVA, WPA, AXA/PPP, Vitality approved

If you are unsure if Video Physio is for you then leave me your details using the button below and I will contact you to discuss it further.

How it Works


Once booking is made, you will be contacted via preferred App for video session.

A detailed history will be taken and discussion about your injury / complaint will be had.

There will be an element of testing involved which we will be able to view and record results via video.

Best to dress appropriately to demonstrate and perform exercise as well as set yourself up in a place with some room to move.

Management Plan

Using the information gained from the assessment we will discuss the findings and provide further information regarding the injury.


Together with you we will create a set of goals which will help guide your rehabilitation pathway. 

It is important to know that any injury or complaint has multi-factoral issues eg. sleep, stress, work, family, upcoming race... and these all play a part in the management plan and your recovery.

Rehab Program

You will be provided with a suitable program of activity and advice as per your injury.

You are encouraged to carry out the rehab activities in order to achieve the goals created.

Recovery is not about someone poking and rubbing you better.

Time, appropriate load management, good education and advice as well as managing lifestyle stressors are all key in achieving your goals.

Follow up 

Programs are progressive and cumulative in their design to reach your goals.

Follow up allows us to update, revise or modify your program depending on response and progress.

At all stages we are contactable via email or phone if you have any uncertainty or queries regarding your rehab.