Desk and working postures

With so many people now working from home, your body may be having to deal with new stresses which may be causing some issues.

Unlike your ergonomically designed workstation at the office, your home setup may be a mix and match of whatever you have available. You may find yourself sitting in different positions, at different angles, for differing time periods to what you were used to and just like any form of new training or load to the body - there may be a reaction.


Discomfort at home may not only be due to your working positions:

Stress, fatigue, current  home life, exercise (or lack thereof) may all play a part in how you are feeling.

Key Points for home working:

  • Be comfortable

  • Move frequently

  • Get adequate sleep

  • Get some exercise

  • Acknowledge and manage stress


Companies under Health and Safety legislation are still responsible for their employees who are currently working from home. If you are having any difficulties then it is advisable to contact your HR or facilities team.

If you would like assistance with your setup or discuss working posture and habits I am providing Work From Home Desk Assessments.