Good News 

We are now back seeing clients face to face either in clinic or at home.

We are still following Health England guidance re: infection control.

I am able to see you at home or at Physio in Blackheath clinic, 111Pilates.

Video Physio

We are now able to provide video support for running injuries, so it does not matter where you are - on holiday in Cornwall, training camp in Majorca or in your pyjamas at home, you can still receive high quality physio assessment and management.

If you require assistance contact me to arrange a video consultation.

New to running and want to learn more?
Consider a video analysis of your running form 

We are able to now meetup, film you running and then review with you

Video Analysis Cost:

Self funded

£80 for 1 hour session


CIGNA, AVIVA and WPA approved as part of treatment program

Video Physio

Even during lockdown with social distancing we are able to provide Video Analysis of your running technique

You provide a few video clips of you running from front, side and the back - about 10 seconds for each.

Together with a thorough running history assessment and your video analysis we can work to identify possible causes of injury and create a program towards recovery.



Despite social isolation we can create an individual rehab program and assist you in working towards your goal.

We will put you through a series of tests to determine areas which need to be addressed.

The program is designed to be progressive and cumulative to allow your body time to adapt to new loads.